rectal balloon training

Rectal Balloon Training

April 29, 2024

Rectal balloon training is a safe and effective technique provided at Pelvic Health Solutions to help improve colorectal symptoms. Rectal balloon training has many benefits including improving sensation in the rectal canal, decreasing constipation, promoting better coordination of bowel movements, and decreasing fecal incontinence (bowel leakage and gas leakage).

Who can benefit from rectal balloon training?

Rectal balloon training is an effective treatment for anyone experiencing the following symptoms:
• Constipation
• Fecal Incontinence: Inability to control bowels
• Bowel movement smearing
• Bowel movement leakage (light, moderate, or heavy)
• Gas leakage
• Bowel movement urgency: Extreme urgency to have a bowel movement without much warning
• Dyssynergic Defecation: Inability to coordinate bowel movements
• Feelings of incomplete bowel emptying

What is a rectal balloon?

A rectal balloon is a catheter attached to a medical-grade balloon. This is inserted intra-rectally while the balloon is deflated. With rectal insertion, the balloon can be inflated and deflated. The changes in pressure gradients will promote increased sensory awareness into the rectal canal. Dependent on the person, some people may experience too much urgency with a bowel movement and could benefit from reducing sensation of the rectal canal. The balloon can also be repositioned within the rectal canal during treatment to improve different areas of the rectum. Rectal balloon training is a safe and effective way to promote strength, coordination, and sensation within the rectal canal.

How do rectal balloon pressures work?

When utilizing a rectal balloon, your therapist will initially gather data using pressure gradients while inflating or deflating the balloon. Some of the pressures we look for are: first sensation of pressure, desire to have a bowel movement, urgency to have a bowel movement, and the most tolerable pressure associated with having a bowel movement. These pressures help us determine the best treatment plan for you. The rectal balloon treatments will be based on what you demonstrate in the evaluation and how you respond to different pressures. The treatments are designed to help you improve sensation in the rectal canal – or decrease sensation in instances of bowel urgency.

Is rectal balloon training painful?

Absolutely not! The rectal canal is designed to sense pressure – not pain. This means working within the rectal canal will only promote sensations of fullness within the rectum. This allows us to work solely on the structures that sense when you need to go and improve sensory awareness – or decrease urgency dependent on your symptoms.
How can I be sure this treatment is for me?

Pelvic Health Solutions therapists are specifically trained in rectal balloon catheterization and screening for appropriateness of treatment. Call us at 561-899-7747 to determine if this treatment will benefit you!

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