Restored My Quality of Life

When I arrived for my 1st appointment in October of 2018 I was totally incapacitated due to a colon resection for a perforated colon. I was referred to Sharon Warwick by my gynecologist…having been diagnosed with vaginismus, leaving me with severe pelvic floor dysfunction. I was incontinent, suffered with depression and anxiety and fear! Thanks to your vast knowledge of this disease process, and the many years of experience you’ve had, I am on my way to a complete recovery. You have truly helped restore my quality of life, for which I am eternally grateful!

– Michelle M.


Patient, Knowledgeable and Supportive

After seeing a Urogyno for follow up on prolaspe surgery, I was referred to Pelvic Health Solutions for pelvic pain. Having three past pelvic surgeries( in Illinois) I had already gone thru many therapy sessions, thinking this is just how I have to live now. Meeting Gail, brought me new strength to mentally push forward. She also helped with other referrals since I was new to PBG. Her patience, knowledge & support taught me new solutions that improve the quality of my daily life.  It’s still a struggle sometimes but I have the tools now. Thank you Gail for holding my hand and being my friend during difficult times!

– Aob


Outstanding Experience

After years of being told my pain and cramping was related to my bladder, I decided to choose a different route. I made an appointment with a urogynecologist and she referred me to Sharon of Pelvic Health Solutions. I was pretty skeptical that this would work, as I had never heard of this type of physical therapy before. Sharon reassured me that after a few sessions I would see results. I had six once a week P. T. appointments where I learned to breathe correctly and do exercises that would release the cramping in my pelvic floor. I began to feel better after two! Sharon was professional, very easy to talk to, well informed and conscientious. My experience was outstanding and I highly recommend her.

– E.W.


Terrific To Work With

For years I suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. After many tests failed to identify the cause, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Mayo determined that constipation was the cause, that I had pelvic floor dysfunction, and referred me to Gail O’Neill at Pelvic Health Solutions for therapy. After Gail’s therapy I no longer have stomach aches and have made significant progress in eliminating constipation. She is terrific to work with and makes you totally comfortable in treating this highly personal issue.

– Mike W.


Courteous and Professional

I had the opportunity to be treated by Gail at Pelvic Health Solutions. Her therapy and advice were both outstanding, providing relief and comfort not only during the therapy sessions but afterward as well. Her knowledge about this area of the body is impressive and helpful. It’s been a huge benefit to me as I continue to improve. The facility was extremely clean and the staff was courteous and professional. I would highly recommend PHS.

– Anonymous


Above and Beyond

Hi Gail, I recently referred a patient to you. She didn’t feel comfortable at our office since you need to walk through the gym to get my room. I explained your clinic set up to her and she felt more comfortable with that. I [personally] came to Gail during my third trimester with my second child, due to hip pain and vaginal irritation. She confirmed my thoughts that this was due to tightness in my pelvic floor muscles. As a physical therapist myself it was important for me to find someone that was knowledgeable and experienced in treating pelvic floor dysfunction during pregnancy. Gail went above and beyond my expectations. She was extremely professional. In just three sessions she was able to relieve my discomfort and improve my quality of life. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction.

– E.W.


Comfortable Experience

I am so thankful that I found Pelvic Health Solutions and Sharon Warwick. The care they provided helped me overcome all of my pelvic floor issues, including painful sex and bladder problems. The combination of physical therapy with the home exercise programs that Sharon created for me gave a complete overhaul on my pelvic floor health. On top of the excellent healthcare, the staff is incredibly friendly and genuinely cares about how you as a whole. Sharon was an awesome conversationalist and made the whole experience comfortable. I recommend Pelvic Health Solutions to all of my friends!

– H.G.


Beneficial and Informative

You successfully set the tone for our sessions during my first visit, helping me overcome my personal discomfort. Through all sessions, I found your guidance both beneficial and informative. Your explanations were supported by the handouts for each exercise, giving me a reference at home. When I struggled with progress, I needed your openness of our discussions to support the rebuilding of my pelvic muscles. I strongly recommend your services to anyone who is scheduled for a prostatectomy or who may need similar post-surgical support. Thank you Gail O’Neill and Pelvic Health Solutions.

– J.H.


Great Pleasure to Recommend

I am a Board Certified specialist/subspecialist in Ob/Gyn and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. I see women every day with significant pelvic disorders, most of whom have never heard of nor been referred for pelvic therapy. It is always a pleasure seeing them after receiving therapy to document their improvement. I have been sending patients to Sharon and Gail for many years with great success and always feel confident in their ability to help my patients. I am happy also that Katie has joined them, as my patients have also done very well with her treatment. It is my great pleasure to highly recommend them, and to continue referring my patients to them for therapy.Linda Kiley, MD

– Linda Kiley, MD


Recovery Couldn't Have Been Better

I was advised to start Pelvic Floor physical therapy prior to my prostatectomy. I was SO lucky to find Gail O’Neill. Gail is very caring and knowledgeable and she taught me how to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. I did this for 2 months prior to surgery – and my recovery from surgery could not have been better. I had no incontinence and minimal sexual function changes. The exercises that Gail showed me took minimal time and effort, yet I’m convinced they made all the difference to my rapid surgical recovery.

– Mike B.


You Won't Be Disappointed

I am a 68 years old woman who sought help with urinary leaking. With back fusion and both knees replaced I usually shy away from any therapy due to effecting my surgical results. I was proved wrong. Gail O’Neill was wonderful in helping me strengthen my pelvic muscles with easy gentle exercises. Through her education I understand why my results are so positive. If anyone is dealing with this I urge you to contact Gail’s Office. You will not be disappointed.

– D.S.


Essentially Saved My Life

I’ve been living with endometriosis for over 15 years. Over the years I’ve had numerous surgeries, treatments done, and been prescribed many different medications. My previous Ob-gyn said that I was the worst case of Endo that he has ever seen in his 20+ years of practice. There came a time that I was very desperate, irrational, and depressed. I started begging for a hysterectomy and my doctor said to think about it since I don’t have children, so I started seeking other methods and came across information regarding Pelvic Floor PT. Shortly after, I met Gail and she essentially saved my life! Since starting PT and having her help me find great doctors I have the best endometriosis team ever! Therapy has given me a much better quality of life! These have been the best two years since I’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis. This is due to having more good days than bad!

– C.E.